What's in for Fall 2018? Sweet Glitter Rock helps you!

Fall is officially here and Sweet Glitter Rock is officially here to help you and your closet out.  Fall makes us think of sweaters, jackets, layers and beautiful colors.   But which?

Animal prints are in and everywhere!  Pants, tops, jackets, dresses...


Both of these coming VERY SOON to a Sweet Glitter Rock near you!

What else you say?  Plaid!  Pants, tops and jackets.  Plaid is a must have...

These pants and other plaid options are on their way.

Red is also not just for Christmas anymore.  It is Fall!  Red anything...

Mix a little red into your closet and accessories.  Some red clothing options available soon! (handbag not for sale)

Check in soon and stay on top of the Fall 2018 trends and make everyone jealous...


~ Ivonne Wayman ~

Supreme Leader and Resident Fashionista

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