Earlier this year, I set some goals and I have strived to continue to keep them. I started to workout and, to be honest, what helped me was getting some new workout clothes. Sometimes a new outfit or new accessory helps us feel good on the inside and it shows on the outside.  Does that make sense? Even though, what we buy is a material thing, it resets our state of mind.

As I attend some strength training classes, there is a term that the instructor says. We do some squats or a bicep press or pushups and after we do one or a few, the instructor says RESET, it’s always at the perfect time. It’s when my arms or quads feel like spaghetti and I can’t do one more squat, I can’t lift that barbell again. The instructor screams RESET and we stand tall and release our shoulders and all of a sudden I can do one more squat, one more bicep press, one more pushup. That’s how I feel with a new outfit.  I feel like it RESETS my mind, it gives me that great feeling and not only do I look great on the outside, I feel great on the inside.

~ Rosie Chavez ~

Sweet Glitter Rock Blogger and Resident Sweater Expert

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