It’s the time of the year when you want to wear a nice cozy sweater or comfy jacket, open up your Tablet (or an actual book) and relax. And if you have one, start the fireplace up and cozy up with a pet. I have a favorite sweater of mine that my coworkers say it looks like I need to have a cat sitting on me while I read.

It’s a time of reflection and time to enjoy some family and friends. You can plan a dinner and enjoy their company whether it be for Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving.

I also look at my family and friends and reflect :
• How did the year pass by so quickly?
• Does this mean I’m getting old because I think time is flying by so quickly?
• My family and friends are around me, how much more blessed can I be?
• How am I going to clean up these dishes?
• Do I have room for that extra slice of pumpkin pie?
• What will I buy on Black Friday?
• What will I buy on Cyber Monday?
• Can I get my Christmas decorations up fast enough?
• How many sweaters will I be able to buy and wear before it gets warm again?

Most importantly I realize that although time feels like it’s flying by, it’s important to make each day special.

 Make each day sparkle like glitter and remember to always stop and smell the roses. Life is too short not to enjoy each moment.

~ Rosie Chavez ~

Sweet Glitter Rock Blogger and Resident Sweater Expert

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