Make a Difference

It’s December, the last 31 days of 2017! How did the year go by so quickly? Can you look back on 2017 and see how you made it through? Did you manage to accomplish all your goals? Did you complete your resolutions? Did you enjoy each moment?

I like to look back through the year and not look at the disappointments or low points but look at all the good stuff that has happened through the year. Whether it’s a new job, promotion, raise, car, house, baby, pet, etc. there are a lot of good things that could have happened. But that’s not what I am really looking at. The good stuff to me is - did I help someone, did I serve at the rescue mission, did I make someone’s day brighter, did I make someone’s life just a little bit easier, did I make someone’s load a little lighter. Those are the important things in life.

This month’s featured charity is A21. They believe in a world without slavery by eradicating human trafficking through awareness, intervention and aftercare. For the last 9 years, their goal has been freedom for every human being on the planet. Their mission is to abolish slavery everywhere, forever. A21 founder, Christine Caine says “When a lot of people do a little, it adds up and makes a difference.” 50% of purchases from our Charity line will go to this amazing charity because Sweet Glitter Rock believes in making a difference.

Life has a way of flying by and we all need to make each moment count, make that difference for someone, and be that difference. Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Take these last days of 2017 to make a difference for someone, help, serve, give ...

And as always make each day sparkle like glitter and remember to always stop and smell the roses. Life is too short not to enjoy each moment.

~ Rosie Chavez ~

Sweet Glitter Rock Blogger and Resident Sweater Expert

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